How to Create Mindful Routines


"The Secret of Your Future is hidden in Your Daily Routine"




I heard that quote and it resonated with me deeply. If you don't know me, despite my mindfulness practice, I am a free spirit and I am a total scatterbrain sometimes (okay a lot of the time). I have an nontraditional lifestyle being a travel nurse and I work nights hift. Many times my mornings and nights go against my natural circadian rhythm and it can be difficult to be consistent.  As a travel nurse, I have little control over my schedule because I'm there to fill in staffing gaps. When I'm not working, I'm exploring my area, trying to soak up as much of life as possible, and also trying to work on my creative outlets. All of this while being a friend, a daughter, a sister, a nurse and living an active and healthy lifestyle. It sounds exhausting, and it is. Finding balance between all of that and implementing routine has always been my biggest challenge and greatest achievement.  If I can find something that works, I am confident you can too.


If I'm being honest, routine scares me. I used to hate that word and reject the idea because it made me feel stuck. In recent years I've welcomed the idea of having some flexible structure in my crazy and busy life.  It took years to find what worked for me. I was constantly changing everything because nothing seemed to ring true to me. I used to get so upset when I wouldn't stick to the plan or routine I created. I mean upset to the point where I would get frustrated and give up, only to try again with something totally different.


Once I shifted my mindset about routine, it was only then I was able to start creating one. I chose to accept that my life and sleep schedule is busy and sometimes not everything will get done, and when it does, I'm thankful for that victory. It has only been within the past two years that I've really, and I mean really developed a morning and nightly routine that allow me to deepen my mindfulness practice, focus on personal development and allow for some freedom and flexibility.  In the past 6 months, I've really honed in  on what I love and works for me. I haven't added or taken anything away since.  When I'm able to practice my routines fully, my life runs SO much smoother, (so does my mind!). If I cant, I just try again the next day, but within my full routines are a few non negotiable items that I at least always practice. Talking with like minded individuals has allowed me to gain insight into their routines, and created a welcomed additions to my current practices that I'm sharing with you.  




Implementing Routines

Implementing a routine can be difficult. I find it is best to start small and simple by adding one or two new things at a time to what you already do so you don’t feel overwhelmed or obligated.  Don't be in a rush to find your groove; take it slow and take notice. As you experiment, use a journal to keep track of what you like and don't like as you try things on. If you don’t know where to start, as always, START WHERE YOU ARE and today, it's here on this page.

Routine can be life changing, and routine and be lethal. It’s about finding the balance between the two, and always leaving room for adding more, or doing less.

My best advice is the piece that took me the longest to learn. It's okay to get off tack and off routine. It's okay to get frustrated when you're not practicing them fully. We are human. We can’t be bent out of shape every time we don’t meet our own expectations we have set for of ourselves. All we can do is strive to be better than the day before.

Below I  have shared with you my practices to help give you some ideas and get the ball rolling.

What You Should Take Away

WE ARE ALWAYS BETTER WHEN WE NAVIGATE AND SHARE TOGETHER.  I don't know if we can stress that enough at The Mindful Voyage.  Without conversations with like minded individuals and friends, the routines I've come to love would cease to exist.. Read these posts. Ask around to your friends and mentors to see what they Keep trying until you find your groove and know it may take a little time. Change your routine as you and your life changes.

The Routines

I humbly offer you my mindful morning and mindful nightly routines that I have come to love. Click each link for the full blog post. What works for me may not work for you, so take what you love and leave the rest.

My Morning Routine

My Nightly Routine


if you have a routine you have come to adore, we want to hear from you! Send us an email or leave a comment below. You never know who will pick up some of your habits too

Kindly, Kayls + TMV